Sony CineAlta Cinema lens kit PL mount
20mm | 25mm | 35mm | 50mm | 85mm | 135mm - all T2 lenses

RED 18-85mm T2.9 cine pro zoom lens PL mount

Panasonic 2170P Production monitor

Sony A170 LED Production monitor

Speedotron Lighting Gear available


*Electrical Demand Charge

As stated by Xcel Engery - Charge to commercial and industrial customers for the fixed costs of the electric capacity required to meet the peak electric loads on Xcel Energy’s system. The charge, which is adjusted seasonally, applies to the highest 15 minute kW demand during the billing period.

What does this mean?
Standard use charges range from about $.05-.09 per KWh however demand charges are astronomically higher ranging from $6.50-9.50 per kW. Therefore, it is possible to "trigger" a demand charge when using approximately 10,000 watts of light on set. Demand charges are basically a punitive charge since they don't reflect the sum total of electricity used but rather how much is used with in any 15 minute period.  If you turn on 10k of lighting within a 15 minute window it will trigger a demand charge. The price will vary depending on the above mentioned variables. Productions using 20k and more of lighting or other electrical equipment should budget for $300-600 demand charges above the plug in fee. Plug in fees for use of 200amp cam-lok breakers reflect the cost of equipment, maintenance and actual electricity used.

additional equipment

Genie Aerial Work Platform lift goes to 26’ $120/day

Turntable - 2’ diameter with stepper motor capable of handling 300lbs  $100/day

Fog Machine VEI V-960 DMX controlled, remote $45/day with full tank


– 3600 sq/ft (57'x63') clear space in studio A
– 12x24' cyc wall w/ 10x20' adjustable overhead silk
– large client lounge / green room w/ 60" tv
– large commercial kitchen with 6x9'
    butcher block work space
– craft services area, outside of kitchen
– make-up room
– large workshop, separated from shooting space
– dock height loading in rear
– drive-in loading in front
– all day free street and off street parking



Full Studio access including workshop, commercial kitchen, and studio A (4600 sq/ft total, open space in Studio A = 3600sq/ft, 57'x63'), access to either dock or drive-in loading. 1200 amps 3-phase and single phase available. Includes standard equipment listed below. Plug-in fees may apply.

Gigabit wifi, 100amp electrical distro, 5 folding tables, wardrobe racks, rolling product rack, 5 c-stands, streamer, iron and board, and makeup room. One 50gal garbage can included, garbage exceeding that needs to be hauled out or special arrangements made.

Cyc wall charge of $75 (if it's used) for repaint. Call for a quote for a color change full paint and repaint.

Plug-in fees – Use of continuous lighting (high amp equipment) is subject to plug-in fees and peak demand charges. $75/day per 200amp supply. Productions using more than 9000 watts are subject to additional demand charges* based on the total wattage used. Demand charges vary based on time of day and season but typically range from $100-500 for larger scale productions.

3 - 200 amp cam-lok (800 amp total)
3 - 100 amp 3 phase (tapable)
12 - 20 amp (fast draw strobe capable)
2 - 50amp distro/spider boxes
3 - 220v 30 amp
2 - 50 amp spiders

200 amp Power Distribution available


Contact our studio manager Kristin Langerud for booking and rental questions:
612-327-6032. We do not accept holds ($50 fee for cancellations).

Renters must acquire a Certificate of Insurance with Friberg Studio, LLC 4126 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 listed as certificate holder. Also submit an ST-3 certificate of tax exemption if applicable.

Day rates are based on a 10 hr day (between the hours of 7am-7pm M-F). Overtime and "after hours" rates apply.

Make checks payable to Friberg Studio. LLC.
We accept credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover) with a 2.75% fee.


Casting and talent booking
Craft services
Prop storage
Set building work room (14'x41') for rent separately

EQUIPMENT - cameras/lenses

Equipment rental is available only to studio day renters.
Call for package and multi-day pricing.


Assortment of baby and combo stands
(3) Mole Junior SolarSpot 2k
(2) Altman 2k Zip Soft Lights
Mole Baby SolarSpot 1k
Source Four Ellisodal 750w
DP/Assistant Camera Cart
Backstage Carts
Flags, silks, nets
(2) 10'x10' w/c-stands
(1) 10'x20' over cyc wall
(2) Matthews 6x6 Butterfly Frames
Misc grip
Sound mitigation (10) blankets
Sound mitigation (10) 48"x48" foam panels

EcoPunch Plus variable color (=5K)

Mole Richardson Vari-Spacelight LED 900W (~6k)
(4) Mole Richardson Vari-Mole LED 400w fresnel (~2k)
(2) Mole Vari-Mole LED 200w fresnel (~650w)
(1) Arri L7 (~1k)
Rotolight Anova Daylight (~1k)

Chimera medium and large for Vari-Mole LED 400w
Chimeras for 200w = strip, sm, med, and lrg

Dana Dolly - Compete rental kit
75mm, 100mm, and 150mm bowls
504HD Manfrotto head
100lb load capacity
High hat Mitchell mount riser
10' speed rail (as for shorter or longer rail)
Combo Stands 3.5'-6.5'

Orbit Dolly (Tracking Dolly) - complete rental kit
Flex track wheels, standard wheels, and 8" Pneumatic wheels. T-bar handle
300lb load capacity

Sachtler 18 head w/ Carbon Fiber sticks